Back when I was seventeen, 25, the silver age, meant a lot to me. I wrote out a long list of what I wanted to accomplish by that age. Looking back at that list now, it is completely unrealistic. I wonder who gave the advice “always dream high and your expectations shall come to you.” Anyway, back then, my small teenage untainted mind thought the world and adulthood was a nice experience. How wrong I was. 
The only thing achievable on that list is that age 25 was the age at which I had hoped to have passed my bar exam after graduation from my then dream law school, University of Boston. To think that now this dream is nearly dead is unimaginable. How time changes!

To me, age 25 means something different.  So today, I would re-write that list and come check back in a couple of years to see how far I have come. A higher bar has been set by me of things to have achieved or done, on or before I hit 25. I would share a couple with you.

At 25, I am getting laser surgery on my eyes. That is, if some sort of miracle hasn’t happened before then.

By 25, my company should be up and running and should have marked its two year anniversary.

By 25, I should be living independently of my parents and paying my bills myself.

By 25, I should have acquired a few material possessions in the form of landed properties. Yes, feel free to call me high-minded.

By 25, I should be financially stable and therefore begin preparations to adopt a child. 

By 25, I should have acquired enough books big enough to start a library. If you love me, feel free to sow a seed in my life.

By 25, I should have outgrown this journal. Oops! Did I just write that! Ignore!! Just kidding. Ha ha…

By 25, I should have accomplished at least half of what is on my bucket list. Time waits for no man. Here’s my bucket list also. Feel free to sow another seed by helping me accomplish some.
Bucket List:

1. Master the art of rifle shooting

2. Master archery

3. Go skydiving

4. Enter Okada in Nigeria ☑️ 03/05/2017

5. Go camping in a caravan ☑️01/09/2016

6. Go on rides in a theme park☑️03/09/2016

7. Visit an African Safari

8. Go dogwalking in the woods ☑️ 30/09/2016

9. Go camping in a tent☑️01/09/2016

10. Learn how to ice skate

11. Attend an Olympics

12. Learn a form of martial arts

13. Go on the Nevis Swing at Queenstown, New Zealand.

14. Climb an overhead bridge on a busy expressway in Nigeria. ☑️ 03/05/2017

15. Go hiking in the Grand Canyon or Macchu Picchu

16. Go by road to Abuja ☑️ 01/05/2017

17. Go by road to Lagos ☑️ 22/05/2017

18. Attend one Coachella Festival

19. Attend an opera sesh at Vienna and Sydney Opera House

20. Visit all islands and cities on my list.

21. Play a bingo game ☑️04/09/2016

22. Ride big ass scary rides ☑️03/09/2016

23. Eat in Hell’s Kitchen

24. Start up LDD

25. Cycle on the streets of Amsterdam with someone.

26. Be in a drag racing competition

27. Visit Ogbunike cave, Obudu mountain, Owu falls, Arinta falls, Agbokim falls, Kajuru Castle.

By 25, I hope to have made my parents proud. Maybe not in the way they would have preferred, but in my own way.

By 25, I should be emotionally stable.

By 25, I should have learned at least two Nigerian languages and two foreign languages.

By 25, I should have undergone laser treatment for my scars.

By 25, I should have gotten another degree. This time around, in something of my choosing.

I wonder if I have covered it all. I will add more to the list as I remember them. 

P.S Dear Diary, I am sorry for leaving you alone in this dark cold internet space for two weeks. You kept me sane through tough times and now I have become “busy”, I have become those kind of lovers you hated. I would never do it again. 


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