A Day At Camp (#21/22)

Oops, I did it again. I went to church. I even felt worse than I felt the previous Sunday; coupled with the fact that I was so tired, I left after an hour and half. Honestly what did I expect. At 12pm I lay down and tried to fall asleep.

So the camp timetable is like this for today;

5:30am to 8:55am – Personal Administration

9am to 2pm – Religious Activities

2pm to 3:55pm – Lunch and siesta

So the beagler on camp came at 12:30pm with his beagle. I had hardly slept by this time so I decided I was not going anywhere. I was overly prepared to be stubborn. I knew if I didn’t sleep, I was going to have a physical breakdown or worse, a mental breakdown.

Soldiers came to chase out the rest of us defaulters in the hostel. And one came straight to my bunk to wake me up with a whistle at 12:52pm. You best believe I didn’t move a muscle. She whistled and whistled and whistled.

I wanted to see how long she can keep trying to blow out my eardrums and simultaneously give herself severe mouth pain for several days. I won. She eventually gave up and left.

 I am so ravenous today. So I had Nigerian “biscuit morn” before church at around 7am. By 11am I was hungry again and had bread and beans. By 1:45pm I see myself taking yet another “biscuit morn”. 

The night fell fast and I had my last supper… noodles and egg. I also had my last “party” on camp. While it was ongoing, I realised how much of Nigerian songs I do not know. I seriously need to catch up on Nigerian music. I was so dumb. I was basically dancing to music I had no idea what it was talking about. I left my party sadly at about 10:15pm because I was so tired. Only to be met with another party going on in front of the hostel. A more interesting party if I may. A party laden with war chants, talking drums, gongs, shekesheke, trumpets, and gyrating corpers who were high on overexcitement amongst other things.

11:40pm. Beagle Time.

Lights out were benevolent to us today; not that it stopped corpers from making noise and going straight to bed. It actually made their morale higher. Oh yes, I took another Orijin today. Now Orijin is a type of Nigerian beer without barley and hops that has an ABV of 6%. It is not half bad and it is considerably “softer” than the alcohol I usually take.

Jeje jeje we dey go oo 

Jeje we dey go oo jeje

Jeje jeje we dey go oo 

Jeje we dey go oo jeje

A couple of hours left till we are out of this dump. 

Strange Lingua

*ABV – Alcohol by Volume

*Biscuit Morn – A substitute for golden morn in Nigeria usually prepared with broken cabin biscuits, a little water, milk etc.


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