A Day At Camp (#19/22) – Up and Running

Dear Google,

I love you. You just saved me stress and heartache. iPhone tried to break my heart but you mended it back. Because of you Google, I searched and saw it is possible to undo typing on your iPhone by shaking it repeatedly. Even if I shook mine for a hundred and twenty three times to get the exact article I needed. It was worth it. Thank you.

Your faithful user,

La Deuxième Dame.

I got my certificate from my automobile repair class today. I am feeling myself. I can hear the sweet sultry voice of Beyoncè in my head singing “Feeling myself” as I walk up to collect my certificate. It is a major accomplishment for the month of June.

After twelve hours of backbreaking tie-dying job yesterday, our t-shirts are finally dried and ready for wear on the carnival night. Or so I thought. I came to pick up my shirt in anticipation for the beautiful artwork that supposedly was for the carnival night. The one day before the closure of camp for freedom and everything nice. I was excited. 

So you can imagine my disappointment when I saw a rag-looking thing that was displayed as tie-dye work. 

Luckily for me, mine was not dyed yet. So I respected myself, took my tshirt and went to do some personal creative artwork on it.

It is beauty pageant day and I am a manager to the Mr. Macho going up for my platoon. I initially thought it was going to be a walk in the park which is why I agreed to fit it into my schedule. How wrong I was. I was on my feet for seven straight hours that day. I was not only a manager; I was a make-up artist, hair stylist, masseuse, fashion designer etc.

The good things I had come out of it was that I got to watch able-bodied, macho men change outfits a good number of times and I got to drizzle baby oil over my contestant and other contestants bare body… Strictly in a professional sense of course *wink*.

My contestant did not win despite my efforts. But I learned two lessons that day; Firstly, I probably would not dabble into the modelling scene ever again. It is too stressful. Secondly, I learned the name of the Speaker of the House of Representatives for Nigeria.

At the end of a very eventful day, I danced the rest of the night away till 2am. Seeing as I am waking up in three hours. I am already thinking this is a bad idea. Well goodnight folks, let me catch some much needed sleep.


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