A Day At Camp (#14/22)

Happy Sunday folks.

You might be wondering what is happy about today. I will tell you. One, it’s the only day we are allowed mufti on camp for a few hours. Two, we are also allowed to sleep in and do whatever you want till 4pm.

And this is how my day went;
I was sharply woken up at 5am by my sidemate for no other reason than to fetch water. I woke up however grudgingly and proceeded to fetch water and I met a queue that I had to stand in for half an hour before I succeeded in getting a bucket of water.

I finally get around to my morning routine at about a couple of minutes after seven and go for church. I do not know if uncomfortable is the right word for how I felt in church. Obviously I was very attuned to the praise and worship session, but every other thing appeared politicised. The pastor preached and sweated and spoke in tongues only to end up motivating the listeners to buy his books for a thousand naira each. Somehow I knew it was going to end that way but I didn’t just expect it to. 

The worst of it all is that I sat in the first seat and stared at him eyeball to eyeball; lacking “ginger”, not moving, not clapping. He must have noticed the lack of enthusiasm I had about his preaching that he approached me later on to see if I wanted a “miracle”. I politely told him no and that I will go for surgery.

After all the sweating, the shouting, the saying of wisecracks and disseminating “words of wisdom”, I still wasn’t moved. Maybe I am too critical or maybe I have had my heart seared with hot iron that all this preaching jamborees do not move me. I was too busy dissecting his “testimonies”.

Yes, I noticed a lot of flaws in the powerful fiction he told. I have to applaud him for his writing skills though. He is a powerful orator as well. You have to give honour to whom honour is due. 

Well, if he’s the one who’s leading the service next sunday, you best believe that I will take my bible and stand up. I was sincerely regretting waking up and going for that service today.

1:57pm. I just had a heavy lunch half an hour ago and I am very hungry again. My appetite has gone from absent to omnipresent in three days.

In other news, it’s 4pm and it’s time for evening parade/games. Some people are playing chess, some monopoly, some scrabble, some draft, some ludo and others like me playing Whot while the serious corpers are marching and playing band. My fate has decided that I can never play chess no matter how hard I try to learn. It is just confusing. I am still very hungry. It must be the heavy rainfall making me so hungry.

8:57pm, I just finished watching a cultural dance by platoon one. They were so amazing. I am actually jealous that my platoon didn’t do so good. Anyway, I always appreciate a good dance act so kudos to them.

Nothing else interesting. Goodnight folks.


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