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Dear Karma

It is said that in complex systems, cause and effect are often distant in time and space. If applied to life as we know it, Karma is the bridge that connects time and space; it adjusts effect to cause. So Dear Karma, you are indispensable. I am grateful for the opportunity you gave; to witness you thwack those who were long overdue. 

However, Dear Karma, I have a list of people you missed;

The heartless boys who wiped out a family with just a grinding stone.

The citizens who have resorted to oil bunkery as a means of gaining wealth.

The Rivers state government; for seeing air pollution on the rise and turning a blind eye.

The law upholders who decided that it’s humane to sentence eleven and twelve year olds to death for manslaughter.

The man who thinks it’s okay to swindle his inept business partner who struggles just as much as he does.

The woman who thrives on others misfortune and unhappiness and goes around causing mayhem.

The police officer who “accidentally discharged” a gun on a man who was the breadwinner of his family because of chump change.

The university tutor who failed a medical student because she looks young and can afford to delay for one more year.

The child predator who thinks it is his right to sexually abuse a twelve year old girl because her parents are insouciant.

The thugs who raped a bride while her groom watched on the night of her marriage consummation.

The sexual predators who feel it is funny to rape a lady in broad daylight and in a public place only because no one can stop them or do anything about it.

Dear Karma, I have a list of people you have unjustly treated;

The man by the roadside; I see you, you make your bed on cement and blocks.

The woman at the junction; Your clothes are fashioned out of bean bags and leaf tendrils.

The girl barely out of her toddler stage of life by the street corner; with a crate of sachet water under the scorching sun.

The boy with the boots and barrow; nails deep into the grime hoping for some sort of lost treasure mistakenly tossed out.

The teenager at the hospital; pregnant with twins who would never have a father or a grandfather because she was disowned.

The father with seven children; who cannot appreciate a gift given to him by his child because he doesn’t deserve it. He has failed them afterall.

The family of eight; living in a 50m square foot room. With a cloth tied on a string as an excuse for a changing room.

The little boy, barely five years of age with a large basin of vegetables balanced on his little head missing school so that he can help his widowed mother with the farm.

The girl who is afraid of marriage, people and the world at large because daily she watches her father sink deeper into the quicksand called life and marriage.

The boy born autistic in an African community, he didn’t even have a fighting chance before he was labelled a witch and abandoned.

The young girl with a dream of ruling the world forced into a child marriage with a man thrice her age.

Dear Karma, what did they do?

Is your half brother Nemesis poisoning you with his evil dispensation too?

Why would you let a righteous man curse out loud?

Why would you let a woman who has suffered so much in her marriage continue to suffer? I know it’s for better for worse but when is it ever going to get better?

Why would you let an intelligent student’s hope of furthering her education get sour and then thrown in the garbage by those long overdue for retribution?

Why would you let that young doctor get so frustrated enough to commit suicide?

Why would you let those young men who had a potentially bright future die at the hands of those lawless men and women who decide that jungle justice is an appropriate thing?
Dear Karma, please do as you see fit speedily.

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Excusé Moi?

What is the deal with parents?

I do not know if this is a characteristic of all parents or if it’s just particular to Africa. 

Why do they feel the need to control every aspect of your life irrespective of your age?

Why do they feel like their opinions actually matter?

Why do they feel like their decisions should be the standing constitution of the house. Now I understand the house is owned by them but I only feel it’s reasonable to respect every other member of the house irrespective of their ages.

So I am from a very religious home. Actually religious doesn’t cut it. It’s borderline extremism. To make matters worse, my parents are high ranking pillars in the church community.

Growing up, there were a lot of laws we had to keep up with. And you had to practice all of them or face the wrath and disappointment of your parents. It would have been better to just have a book and put them all in like the Nigerian Constitution. 

One of such laws happened to have something to do with watching movies on “the devil’s box”. We were not allowed to put on the TV without appropriate permission. And if my parents were away or travelled, we couldn’t switch it on no matter how long they are away for. Now the “devil’s box” wasn’t considered sinful but it wasn’t considered holy either. 

So as kids, my older siblings usually buy the DVD’s and then we secretly watch them when my parents were away. It wasn’t anything bad. They were just movies under the action genre. Mild violence scenes, had almost no sexual explicit content, I even dare say it was educational to some extent. And for all those days, my parents never asked if the TV was switched on. I guess they must have had implicit faith in us. 

Now, there were a few movies that my parents approved of and let us watch. A certain day, my parents were out for a couple of hours and they gave the nanny money to go get a new movie. Usually in the days of cassettes and tapes, you buy a movie, go home, try it on to see if it works or needs an exchange.

On that fateful day, we did exactly that. It worked, so we switched the TV off. My parents came home and then asked if we switched on the TV. I was a truthful child back then and being truthful cost me some hours of recreation time.

After that incident, you best believe that I learned how to lie. It saves you from a lot of stress.

Fast-forward to today, a somewhat similar thing happens. We gather around watching a late night TV show and having our dinner. 

My father raises hell, threatens to break the TV, speaks about the carnality involved in watching TV after returning from church. I tried to be patient and understand it from his point of view but it really wasn’t making sense. As old as I am? Okay forget me, as old as the people I am watching with are? You want to control them too because it’s your house? You really want to take away the one thing that brings the family together? The one thing we all share in common. Go ahead then. I dare you.

I am not that obedient, naive child anymore. I have grown. I do not want to defy you, so please do not force me to. I hate to be rebellious. I am not a TV freak, but sharing a common ground with my family is a scarce commodity. So I’m gonna seize this available opportunity.

I truly am sorry. 

I am sorry I don’t care what you think. This is what I feel like doing this exact moment.

I am sorry but I like to be preoccupied with my phone or TV while having my dinner.

I am sorry father, not today. I haven’t got time for that. Now please excuse me while I go back and eat my fish.

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How Do I want to Be Loved? (Epilogue)

I think I am sad.

I don’t know if the use of this adjective is enough to express how I feel at this particular moment. I’m saddened by the fact that you don’t know me. No one does. I thought at least that you knew what I was capable of regarding this matter. You always render stellar examples of strong, wilful and struggling people. 

You of all people should know how strong I can be. Or maybe I have just been kidding myself that you knew me all along. But today is not just the day. I thought you would know. I get sick too you know. Amidst the strength I feign during the dislocations, fevers, grief, bathroom falls etc. I get sick too. And it’s worse with the insomnia. 

The headaches are more frequent I don’t know why. I have tried to explain the insomnia before but you didn’t listen, you attributed it to another thing. You really like that a lot, don’t you? Attributing one thing to another, hating to see or hear the truth. I don’t know if you’re afraid, stubborn or you just don’t care. I just wished you knew me the way I know you.

You haven’t noticed that the light that used to shine so brightly before has significantly dimmed. You haven’t noticed the never ending tired eyes and pale lips. You haven’t noticed the infrequent talks and lack of a proper conversation. You haven’t noticed the frequent siestas. You haven’t noticed the gradual social withdrawal. You haven’t noticed the lacklustre attitude.

Oh right, you have noticed them. But you have attributed it to laziness. I mean what else can I expect afterall. I have grown so lazy and laidback. I am not a challenge anymore. I should be ashamed of myself, my mates are hustling and making names and here I am getting backlashed for trying to advice younger people to avoid making the mistakes I made. 

I haven’t achieved anything afterall. I am not fit to talk. Perhaps if we could set back time to exactly this day last year, my decisions would have been different and maybe I think I will look qualified in your eyes to be bequeathed such honour. Of course you’re not gods, so I can’t expect you to know. I am sorry for the wrong accusation.

I think you set out tonight to dampen my spirit or should I say tempt my spirit. I made a decision, you didn’t ask why. You didn’t ask how. You didn’t care to know and just like that you annulled that decision. I tried to reason with you but you made it clear that your decision was final. How do you expect me to be reasonable in this case? How do you think I will be obedient? You only care about yourself and what you think is “best” for me. You don’t know what I want. You never did know.

You know what is sad about all this; at the end of everything, at the end of the emotional rollercoaster, somehow you manage to use those puppy dog eyes to guilt-trip me. I begin then to feel bad for lashing out or hating you for one split second. I’m human afterall you see. I have a heart.

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Africa and Marriage – The Beginning and The End (1)

Source: Google Images. 

Original artwork by Kehinde Awofeso

I’ve been trying to write something on this for a very long time, but today I was just spurred into action by my grandmother (I love my grandmother very much). So please pardon the rant and the possible errors. It’s a fuel-ignited rage thing.

Okay, here’s the match stick that fired up this furnace. So I’ve been away from home for a long time and since my return, a day hasn’t passed when I haven’t heard remarks concerning my figure (or the lack thereof). I’ve always laughed it off respectfully. Usually on a normal day, I like to eat small portions of food. My stomach cannot take any more than my usual quantity of food at any one time. So the bone of this night’s contention, my dinner. My grandma and I were supposed to share some leftovers.

And my grandma goes off: “Everytime you’ll be taking food meant for fowl. My ancestors will say “na food wey dey stop at the throat only, e no go reach your belly”. Eat food let someone see some flesh on you…”

She really meant well. I understand perfectly her intention. You see back in her day before a woman gets married, she gets into a “fattening room”, to serve as an additional pillow for her husband. Getting fat was a sign that your fiancée or husband was taking good care of you.

Even if I was to have ice cream and fries for breakfast, lunch and dinner, I would never be curvy (trust me I’ve tried). I would just end up with a flabby excuse for a stomach. My curves have outrightly refused to increase.

My mum calls me saying, remove all the curtains and handwash them. If you’ve ever been to a typical African home, one room would have at least four extra large and extra thick curtains. Now if you see my size and the slenderness of my fingers, you would be very scared for me. And then I complain and murmur, she replies with “in your husband’s house who will be doing it?” 

Please, where is it written that women should be the ones washing every single item of clothing in a house. Well mother, in my husband’s house, I would have a washing machine. If the washing machine gets bad at any point, I would send those curtains straight to a laundry. Infact, I would wash everything that wouldn’t get ruined with my washing machine. Not because I’m lazy or hate to handwash, no, because I hate stress. I would not deliberately cook with firewood just to prove I am a true African when cookers are in existence.

Another time will be; “Alia you’re going to be the one that will pound the yam and the fufu today. You don’t know where you are going to marry into. They may like to eat pounded yam everyday”. I am stupefied at this point. I’m well acquainted with a mortar and a pestle, but by God the man who wants me to pound yam for him everyday will rot in hell. Is he the Okonkwo of the 21st century? I was lucky to be born in a generation that has a massive improvement in technology. So why shouldn’t I just use yam flour? Or better still, why can’t a man learn to pound yam? It is a back-breaking work after all and women are the “weaker” vessels, aren’t we? 

I think most African men are just full of BS. They say women need to do so, so and so. They just select what they think is easier for them. Please can we switch roles for a day. I be the “provider”, you be the house keeper. I don’t even understand why a man has to be the provider. I am going to be a wealthy, successful woman so I really don’t mind being the “provider”. Marriage is a 50/50 partnership. I don’t expect my man to be well accomplished and all before we get married. If there’s anything, I will like us to build together. Start small together, save together, and earn money together. I am not looking for a man who is great, I am looking for a man who has the potential to be great.

So I got a job. A well paying job and all. Then I realised my boss had ulterior motives. He was “happily” married with kids of both genders. At first, I was thinking maybe I’m too paranoid or I overthink things, I let it slide. I mean afterall sexual harassment cannot happen to Alia. Until he came out plainly to tell me what he wanted from me. I was deceived into thinking that maybe I was employed become I am smart and well-read.

No. I was just a good looking face for the company, irresistible sexual appeal, In his words; “Men by nature just want to taste other girls, not because they no longer like their girlfriend or wife. On the other hand, ladies are created to stick to one person, and are not expected to be adventurous like men”
Why? Why? In the year 2017. Why?

Do you ever have a chat with your old classmates and get stupefied at their ignorance. Excuse me for being rude but really it is true. A lot of Nigerians see being married as a huge achievement, more of an achievement than a university degree. I genuinely don’t blame them sometimes, because the level of respect when you are a married woman in Nigeria is triple that of an unmarried one. I mean one day while I was still in the university, I wanted to attend a friend’s wedding, and a member of my family said to me “why will you go and clap for someone who has achieved something more than you”. Let’s be clear I was ahead of the bride academically. She had barely started university when she was getting married. 

Okay, back to the point, my classmate who is only halfway through university was asking about my plans for the future. You best believe I didn’t include marriage. And our conversation went something along the lines of; 

Friend: “Have you started gathering some personal things that befits a married woman?”

Me: I don’t understand.

Friend: “You know the personal things a woman should gather before getting married.”

Me: Things like what?

Friend: There are some things, you know.

Me: (Pretends to be completely ignorant of what she’s talking about) Okay. 

Friend: Well you may not think about it but for me I know I’m over ready for marriage. Babe, me I know that I am due for marriage. The handwriting is written all over.

Me: Okay. I’ll be your chief bridesmaid.

Friend: But I’m supposed to be yours first. You know if I was a man I would have snatched you off the market since. 

At this point, I was starting to think she knew something I didn’t. Or maybe she wants to “arrange” someone for me. Or she knows a couple of people who had maybe met my parents for an “arrangement”. I laughed it off, and let it slide but it wasn’t funny. I had just spent a long time talking about my future and she didn’t ask me any questions about my potentially bright future and just went straight to getting married. Really? 

Now, I would love to get married. I know it will happen eventually, maybe soon, maybe a couple of years but it’s not and can never be the defining moment of my life. I would never live life waiting for the moment my life will “change” forever. I would not wait to be a Mrs. to be socially recognised. I don’t understand why everything I try do as a woman in Africa always ends with “remember you’re eventually going to settle down”

I have a long day, come back emotionally and physically drained, and all I want to do is curl up in bed, cry and rest, my mother comes in and says “come and do this, won’t you cook for your husband and kids when you come back from work tired.” I’m a big planner, so if I know I’m going to have a long day, maybe, just maybe I would have prepared a meal for my family the previous day. And seriously what ever happened to a family meal out once in a while?

I try to move to another country, good for my career and I have plans to remain there. And it comes again “what if after moving, you get married and your husband is in Nigeria?”

I am sick and tired of it. And by the way, what in the world are personal things? Why do I have to wait to marry to wear matching lingerie sets? Why do I have to wait to get married before looking really sexy in a night dress? I do that already anyway. Please what is new about that? Okay. Bye.

Strange Lingua:

*Fowl – Chicken

*BS – bullshit

*Ancestors – Progenitors

*Yam – A Nigerian staple meal.

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Do I Believe In Horoscope?

Today is well, unusual for two reasons. Firstly, I am trying to decide if this is actually a throwback post or a contemporary one. I wrote this post in October 2016 but never got the chance to put it up. 

Secondly, I feel quite content today. It’s a great day after all.

I have never been much interested in the balance that people say exist between the universe, your birth dates and lifestyle. My birth star describes me as hardworking, highly motivated, focused, has a lot of patience, self-reliant amongst other things. Earth as we know it is a funny place. If I could find the creator of the lifestyle associated with each birth month, I will like to ask him or her on what basis this theory was founded. Because my life is somehow the complete opposite of what is expected of those under the Taurus sign. 

I find myself drifting far from the word “motivation”. I feel like I am on the titanic and just like Jack was, I am trapped in a room handcuffed to an iron pole. I’m very confused at the moment, and I don’t know what is confusing me. Okay that may be a slight untruth. I do know. I haven’t just been able to collect my muddled feelings in one big box. Let’s give it a try shall we?

Family or Friends?

By family I mean those whose bloodlines I share. Family lasts forever they said. Family is not an important thing, it’s everything they said. But what happens when your friends have inadvertently become your family? What happens when your friends give you something your family couldn’t provide. Now don’t get me wrong, I love my siblings, I would remove the clothes off my back and offer it to them if necessary. But I think family is overrated some of the time. I feel this way because I have never made a big decision in my life that didn’t involve an extravagant thought process; “what will my family think?”, “will they just criticise me like every other time?” “Will they try to stop me?” Etc. Now I am about to make a big decision yet again, I find my friends yet againencouraging me to and my family encouraging me not to. Will there be anytime where I make choices without considering family ties and bloodlines and reputation?


I am utterly confused. Is it possible to like two people at the same time? And each receiving love with equal fervour. Okay I’m probably a bit foolish because both are actually far away. Realistically speaking, I shouldn’t even be considering any of them. The more I think about it, the more the likelihood of any working out decreases. There is too much work and effort I’ll have to put in to be in a relationship with any. Relationships always involve some form of sacrifice I know, but is that sacrifice actually worth it? Would it be worth it in the end? Yes, maybe I just overthink things a lot. Okay, I will shut my mouth now but if things change in the future I just might let you know.

On the bright side, Taurus born are ardent members of the sarcastic squad. Taurus born are friends who offer good advice, I guess there’s finally some truth to the analysis. Or not…

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The Woman In The Mirror

Today is one of those days when I try and have a re-think of my life and subsequently do an evaluation. I don’t know if this is because I know someone right at the beginning of his prime who died today due to medical negligence. But anyway, I have been feeling bored, tired and lacklustre recently. Someone then said to me that everything in life is about the big “why”. And if I don’t find out the big why, I would never feel happy or fulfilled in life. So here goes nothing.

Why was I born? Why was I born, and why now and not at some other time?

This is probably an unanswerable question you have asked, but I assume you’re asking why is my consciousness that I recognize as “me” existing? And why in this present, and not in the past or future? I really do not know. But I know this, you were born to be a game changer. So start acting as one. Have you ever wondered why you always do your things differently. You defy conventions all the time and still end up with outstanding results. Take a look around you, the world is crumbling, it will take a crazy, stubborn and smart person to survive. You are crazy, stubborn and smart. You are the beacon of hope to many in this century. You may not believe it but it is true.

Why are my parents, my parents?

If you were born differently, you probably wouldn’t be where you are. Your genetic makeup might not have been as nice. They’re your parents because they helped to shape your future, shape the way you reason. They taught you to be unassuming. You have to admit it’s come a long way in helping you maintain healthy relationships. It is now left for you to choose and decide on the morals you will keep and the ones you will drop.

Why do I have the number of siblings I have?

Because you complete each other. Life is complementary and supplementary. I mean a couple of years ago, through your sister you learned that you nagged and stopped it immediately. Yes, given the situation now, probably life would have been less worrisome if you had fewer siblings. But if you did, you probably wouldn’t have known Glycated Haemoglobin, the Emirates monarchical system, the Asaba Genocide etc.

Why am I tall?

Because you are a colossus. People will be able to see you from afar. You cannot be hidden. People will always stare at you, make it worth their while.

Why am I beautiful?

*scratches head* Are you beautiful?

Why do I have a few health problems?

Because no one is born perfect. There is no way you can have everything physically, mentally, intellectually, financially. One has to be out of the equation. You’re managing it well aren’t you? You are not letting it affect your day to day activities. The only thing is you need to stop getting angry. It is part of who you are for now. You cannot run away from it. Hate it as much as you want to but don’t try anything stupid. I know what you’re thinking. Do not try it.

Why did I go into the Social Sciences?

You wanted to be a good person. Remember what I said about being a beacon of hope? I think the social sciences will help you. See how far it’s brought you. See the amount of knowledge you’ve amassed from just this short period of delving into it. You have to admit that it made you smarter, sharper and wittier.

Why is life mean to me?

Life is not mean to you. You are mean to life. You treat life the way you treat your house. You always put everything in order, you instruct her, you keep little notes on how and when to do things. Life is an adult, give her her freedom to do as she pleases. Do not try to control her. She gets mad when you do. You know how she is, don’t you? When she’s angry she practices the principle of transferred aggression.

Why is growing up so difficult for me?

It isn’t simple for anyone. I admit that it appears as if some people get it easy. You best believe that you’re better off than most people. Adulthood let you off easy in my opinion. Do you really want me to give you examples of those who’ve had it worse. I think you need to stop comparing yourself with those in your inner circle. Yes, they’re doing well, yes they are “accomplished”. But remember that the race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong, neither yet bread to the wise, nor yet riches to men of understanding, nor yet favour to men of skill; but time and chance happeneth to them all. 
Your problem is that you want to do everything quickly, you matured faster than your age and you feel behind or useless since life is working with your age and not your maturity. Just calm down, you are young, try and enjoy life while you still can. Everything will fall into place one day.

Yes I know I try to do things speedily but at least I should have a goal right? So why don’t I have a goal? Why don’t I have a clear picture of life ahead of me?

Again with the many questions. I think I know your problem. You have atychiphobia. You are too hard on yourself. That phase of your life is over. This is not primary school when you were scared to present your end of term result despite taking the fourth position in class. 

Now look within, is it that you do not have a goal or you’re scared to even dream of a goal. I know you, you are someone who would go to great lengths to avoid things that are unlikely to have a favorable ending. Perfection is an illusion babe. It is not a real thing. Life isn’t clear for anyone, with life, the more you look, the less you see. So close your eyes and just breathe. It will come to you. I am positive.

Why can I not love?

Because you are too scared. You are scared of giving everything to one person. Man is not an island you know. Yes, I know you have faults, I do not think anyone cares. You overthink things too much.
You are afraid of rejection. Rejections must happen. Even if you love someone, you end up driving them away. I do not think you can recognise love even when it’s staring deep into your eyes.
Because you are very difficult. You need to learn how to live life one step at a time. Things are not always rosy you know. And I really don’t think you cannot love. I think you are just pretending.

*rolls eyes repeatedly*…

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The Visible Ghost (Part 3)

Manager: I gave the staff complaint forms to fill and a majority of them said they had a problem with you. That they were worried about you. So because of that in addition to the incident of the other day, we’re having an early probationary session for you.

Me: (I was bewildered at this point) Okay. What is the problem they have with me?

Manager: You don’t treat the clients with respect. You don’t ask questions. We gave you three days to shadow an older employee. You should have learned everything then.

Me: I’ve been working here for two months. And I have been trying my best. Going over and beyond. I finish later than my shift. I’ve nearly missed my bus on a couple of occasions. And when I was shadowing the employee and asking questions, it got me into trouble. Apparently I wasn’t supposed to ask too many questions. I’m supposed to learn as I go and now you’re telling me that I don’t ask questions?

Manager: Okay forget about that. What about the allegation that you do not treat the clients with respect. You push the clients away, you tell your personal life to the clients.

Me: *speechless*

: Alia, I’m talking to you. What can you say in your defence about that. The purpose of this meeting is to see if you can continue to work with us or not. Do you need any chaperone with you. Anyone who can offer you moral support.

Me: No, it’s fine. I have never treated anyone unfairly. This clients mean the world to me. You may not understand but they give me something to look forward to each day.

Manager: I employed you because of your passion Alia. But there’s nothing I can do when I see all this. I didn’t know you were this kind of person. I did the training with you and I liked you. So what have you got to say in all this…

Me: I’m quitting. Now. I don’t think I can be able to work for someone who jumps into conclusions without investigating an issue personally. Yes I know I made a couple of mistakes, but did I ever repeat them? And talking about my personal life. Haaa!! That’s laughable. I never talk about myself. Never.

I picked up my release form, dried my eyes and left. In retrospect, I blame myself. I shouldn’t have quit. I should have held on a little longer. I should have defended myself properly. I know those things weren’t true and yet I couldn’t form my thoughts into sentences. I would have been a shitty lawyer.

So dear manager, I know there is no chance of you seeing this but if by chance in the future you do;

I do apologise for not saying anything in my defence back then as I was in too much of a shock to speak and also because I don’t think I would have been able to continue to work knowing that I worked in a place where the reviews are one-sided and mostly relying on the fact that the members of staff giving the reviews have been in the business a long time. You said that other support workers said they were worried about me. Did they specify the issues they were worried about And if so, is there any proof that such issues actually are true are actually potent enough to conclude that I’m disrespectful to the residents.

I treat all SU’s with more respect than most other support workers there do. Not because I am obligated to do so but because of my personal experiences which I mentioned in the interview and I would never abuse or disregard any of them. Do you know how much it broke my heart when anyone self-harmed. I accept that my intentions were misread or maybe people didn’t understand me and I take the blame for not communicating well.

I worked sundays. Something I was not supposed to do. But because I believe in teamwork and there was no one else, I agreed to do it. I had to walk for 45 minutes that particular sunday just to make it in time. I picked this job knowingly, I knew the hours, I knew the pay was significantly smaller than what I would have had if I had gone on the path of my degree so money was never my motivation. The fact that someone took something so little as me requesting a sick-leave and turned it into “Alia is having a problem with the rota” is extremely disappointing. Sometimes I wish there were security cameras and voiceovers that recorded what went on at work.

About that incident, you said it yourself during training that we wouldn’t do everything right and that staff can meet afterwards to review what you didn’t do right. It was panic or should I say adrenaline because it was my first time experiencing an incident of that nature. What I did was something I would do for a loved one because everything happened so fast. I was trying to move the table, chairs and the box away to cause minimal injury. I meant her no harm and it was really sad for me to see that the team leader said I was “manhandling” the client. To think that she would see me as such a person is disgusting.

You know I learnt from what I see those at work practicing. The “mistakes” I supposedly made, I made them because I saw older members of staff doing same thing so I thought it was the norm. I think the issue here was that no one sees the good, all they look for are the little errors a first timer commits.

Did you not find it weird that most of these incidents came from one particular person and have been slightly blown over.
I do apologise for letting you down. Going forward everything I’ve learned will be taken into my next work place. In conclusion, I want other members of staff to think back to the first time they started this line of job ever. How perfect were they?

I thank you a lot for giving me the opportunity to experience life first hand. You’re a brilliant manager. I hope you fulfil all the plans you have.

Kind Regards,


Dear Readers, thanks for keeping up. I appreciate it. There’s a plot twist however to this story. My ex-colleagues who complained about me were laid off when their atrocities were discovered. And ultimately that branch of the company is closing down in a couple of months. Karma is a powerful woman, isn’t she?