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Chronicles of a Broken Girl

So today is thanksgiving. Looking back at the year 2016, I can count on one hand the things I’m thankful for. One thing that stands out from the rest is survival. I’m thankful for survival. One person I love survived the year. This post written anonymously by my love is going to serve as a future reminder to the both of us that we came, we saw and we conquered.


When friendship and love is reduced to likes on Instagram and views on snapchat

When hours of long conversations are converted to seconds with one word answers

When the first person to call in good and bad times becomes a question of “do I think I should call?” And I never do        

When the one I smiled, laughed and told stories to becomes a story I tell others about  

When the one I cried with becomes the reason I cry now


What do you do when the one you wanted to do it all for, becomes the one you are trying to do without?

How do you explain to yourself that it’s time to walk alone on the path you created for two?

How do you explain to your thoughts that those sweet dreams should now be considered as nightmares?


How do you say to the heart that once believed in a fairy-tale, “it’s over”?

What becomes of the story that ended    differently from the way it was predicted?

What becomes of my soul now that it feels lost and wandering aimlessly with no place to go?